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Here is our full, step by step instructions for our recommended application and usage for adhesive aftercare products.  

Derm should remain in place for the entire duration of the healing process.

This is typically 5 to 7 days. 

In the first 12 to 48 hours of healing, there may be a large volume of fluid buildup,

this is normal for any wound. 

Removing your aftercare early is not recommended and can lead to residual adhesive. 

Should the product leak at any stage, the bandage is no longer effective in shielding your tattoo from harmful bacteria.

It is imperative that the Derm is removed,

and re-applied should this happen. 

As with all products, there is the potential for irritation or allergies.

Should reactions occur, we recommend removing the product, and continuing with regular traditional aftercare.


As with all wound healing, should you feel that the area has been exposed to harmful bacteria, or contracted an infection, seek professional medical attention. 

Residual adhesive may be removed from a healed surface by firmly rubbing the area with an oil based lotion such as bio oil or coconut oil.

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